TV Repair and Installation

TV RepairWe Repair all Brands of Televisions!

We repair ALL brands of TV’s including but not limited to Samsung, LG, Vizio, Toshiba, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. We repair Plasma, LCD and LED TV’s. We no longer work on Rear Projection televisions, CRT and DLP televisions due to the lack of parts available. Contact us for all of your TV Repair needs.

Common TV Repairs

  • TV doesn’t power on
  • TV powers on, then turns off after a short while
  • TV cycles – turns on and off
  • White dots on screen (limited to DLP versions of TV’s)
  • Cable tuner broken off
  • HDMI/Component/VGA ports not working
  • LCD/LED TV has sound but no picture
  • Plasma TV makes a clicking noise

Broken or Cracked Screen?

If your screen is broken or cracked, the repair will be more expensive than replacing the TV. However, we have refurbished TV’s in stock for sale at a discounted price!

Repair or Replace?

A common misconception is that if a TV stops working, it is better to replace it with a new one versus repairing it. Although, sometimes this is true (broken or cracked screen), we usually repair TV’s at a fraction of the cost of a replacement TV. Repairing your TV instead of replacing it also keeps toxic metals out of our landfills!

In Home Pickup Available

If you are unable to bring your TV into our shop for repairs, we can schedule a pickup and come to you! Simply call our office at (812) 479-1003, and we will put you on our schedule. We can also deliver the TV to you after the repair(s) are completed.

TV Installation

Whether you buy your television from us or someone else, let us install, hook up, and show you how to use your new television. We also offer professional wall mounting!