ZoneMinder with Foscam C1 Cameras

I recently had the task of setting up a ZoneMinder server on Ubuntu Linux to record motion events from three (3) Foscam C1 V2 cameras. The instructions online for these cameras on the ZoneMinder website did not work for me, so here are the settings that ended up working for me.

First off, the settings on the ZoneMinder website say this:



  • Source Type: FFmpeg


  • Source Path: rtsp://<user>:<password>@<ip>/videoMain
  • Remote Method: RTP/RTSP
  • Target Colorspace: 32 bit
  • Capture Width: 1280
  • Capture Height: 720
  • Deinterlacing: Disabled


However, when I choose source type: FFmpeg in my version of Zoneminder (1.30.2) the Remote Method options are only:

Note, RTP/RTSP, as the instructions suggest, is not an option. The correct option, as the images below show, is TCP.


In order to get these cameras to work in ZoneMinder, first, in the camera admin GUI go under Network –>Onvif.

Enable Onvif and specify your RTSP port. For this example I used port 1010. I was using multiple cameras so I used ports 1010, 1011, and 1012. Use whatever you like. Next, here are the settings in ZoneMinder that worked for my setup with these Foscam C1 V2 cameras.

Of course, replace the Source Path with your login information and RTSP port. The correct format is


If after following this guide, ZoneMinder is only displaying a blue screen when viewing a camera or ZoneMinder is not communicating with the camera(s) properly, update the firmware on your cameras, reboot the cameras and restart ZoneMinder.

I hope this helps!


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